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Children at the childcare centre in Hastings

Welcome to Chuckles Childcare Centre in Hastings

Chuckles Childcare was established in Hastings in 1990 and are still locally owned and operated. At present Chuckles childcare accommodates children from 2 to 5 year olds in a small homely environment. By keeping our numbers as small as possible your child can grow and develop happy and contented.


As part of keeping costs down for parents, we ask parents to supply fruit, crackers and or biscuits for the children weekly.
Monday through to Thursday we supply a lunch for the children. This is a healthy hot meal followed by Yogurt and fruit. This is at a cost of $2.00 per child per day. Friday is Lunchbox day, we ask the parents to send in a healthy packed lunch. This helps the four year old children getting ready to go to school.

A bright future

Chuckles Childcare aims to provide quality community child care in Hastings that will benefit children for the duration of their life. A good preschool education is the start of a bright future and that's why we constantly work to make sure your child gets the best possible education and care.


All areas of the educational curriculum are based on the principles of Te Whaariki, developing your child’s strengths and interests.

These areas include art, sand/water play, blocks, play dough, puzzles, physical activity, music and movement.

Opening times

 Chuckle Childcare is open from 7.30 - 5.30 daily, Monday to Friday. We do not close for school holidays.
We welcome visits at any time.


 We are offering 20 hours free for three and four year old children.Our fee schedule is aimed at being affordable to all families.

Come in and we will work out what works best for you.

Contact Chuckles Childcare

Chuckles Childcare
104 Gallien Street
St Leonards
Hastings 4120
(06) 878 9947

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