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Specialised childcare in Hastings


Our preschool offers a home like setting situated on a quiet Hastings street close to all city facilities. We are a licenced childcare centre that provides quality care and education catering for children from 0-5.



We recognise the fact that leaving your child in preschool can be very stressful on the family and child.
Therefore we encourage parents and family to visit the centre as often as possible before your child starts. This will enable us to work in partnership with families to provide consistent care, where the needs of the family are supported. 
Our children are given the life skills, tools and opportunities to problem solve, create and explore. Flexibility is a key process at Chuckles where learning experiences are interconnected for all ages and stages and children have the confidence to take risks and fear no limits. Our children feel safe, nurtured and respected in their environment and their holistic well-being is supported through quality interactions and educators who care.


We aim to provide a small, safe and nurturing environment that will enrich your child’s sense of belonging and enhance their learning and development. We believe in a child led approach to learning where the result is not as important as the process. Children's holistic learning is supported in a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

Chuckles are proud of their natural environment and the children are encouraged to help look after this, caring for the vegetable garden, the worm farm, the fruit trees and plants we have around the centre.


Our educators at Chuckles Childcare Centre in Hastings are highly experienced and qualified and provide our children with a sense of belonging, well-being and skills to be able to communicate with their peers and others. We are committed to the children and their families/whānau by empowering our children to be confident and competent learners. We provide a language rich environment and respect and embrace each of our children as taonga.


We work in partnership with the family to provide consistent care by having flexible routines to suit each individual child. The centre will maintain routines set by families by providing quiet areas for play and peaceful sleep rooms for uninterrupted sleeps.

We hope that our centre will become part of your extended home and we welcome you warmly, so why don’t you come and join us.


Our outdoor environment is as natural as possible, our children love being outside and we ask all parents to provide suitable clothing.
We will give your child the opportunity to extend their physical skills by playing in groups, with or without the aid of resources.


Our educators respond quickly to our children’s learning interests, strengths and capabilities and provide a positive learning environment for all to excel within and achieve their potential goals. We provide a learning programme that is designed to encourage children to new levels, preparing them for the next important journey in their life.

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